Automatic self cleaning

Filtration degree

50 - 500 μm (Standard 100μm)
flow rate
Up to 100 m3/h


Ecoklin filters are automatic self-cleaning mesh filters, suitable for pressurized systems. The filtration process takes place as the water that needs to be filtered, passes through the filtering element from the inside-out. The filtering element consists of a PP or PES net supported by an AISI 316 stainless steel basket. The cleaning of the filtering element takes place without flow interruption.

The suspended solids retained by the filtering element are evacuated through a “suction scanner” cleaning system which is activated during the cleaning cycle. All Ecoklin “Suction Scanner” series filter housings are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel.


The inlet water that needs to be filtered enters the Ecoklin filter through the lower connection (1) flows inside the filter element (2) and passes through it from the inside-out. Impurities are retained by the filtering net, allowing the filtered water flow towards use through the lateral connection (3). The filter has a drain connection (4) which allows emptying the vessel in case of maintenance operations.

The cleaning of the filter mesh takes place without flow interruption. The opening of the drain valve and the simultaneous rotation of the motor allow the pads to inspect the internal surface of the filtering net and to remove the solids retained inside.

Valerio Vernocchi

Research & development


Electric Automation (Standard)

All filters are equipped with an electric gearmotor, powered by a 12 volt DC power supply, so they can be powered either with a battery or via a 220 volt AC transformer. / 12 volts DC.

Turbine Automation (On Request)

The hydraulic turbine is able to drive the worm gear reducer and is used to replace the electric motor. Filters equipped with a turbine can be used with a simple bistable programmer activated by a 12 volt DC battery.

Self-learning programmer

The new artificial intelligence programmer specially designed for Ecoklin filters has allowed us to increase reliability. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the programmer is able to adapt to the quantity of suspended solids contained in the water to be filtered by optimizing the frequency of the washing cycles in order to ensure efficient cleaning and water saving.

Innovative nozzles

The new construction idea of the suction nozzles, with radial swing and anti-wear shock absorber, allows them to perform at high-performance "suction scanner system" cleaning cycles with considerable water savings.

Rotation of the scanner at constant speed

The Ecoklin filters fitted with an electric motor or with a hydraulic turbine operate a speed reducer which allows to carry out a very accurate suction and cleaning / inspection of the filtering mesh.

Housing in stainless steel AISI 304/316 L.

The standard construction of the housing is in AISI 304/316 L stainless steel with standard pickling treatment.
*On custom request we can provide micro abrasive blasting and passivated vessels.

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    Domains of applications

    – Plastic and Fabrics
    – Food Processes
    – Chemist
    – Metallurgic
    – Energy production
    – Petrochemical
    – Mining
    – Electronic
    – Pharmaceutical
    – Paper making
    – Automotive

    – Desalination
    – Prefiltration for osmosis systems
    – Prefiltration for ultrafiltration systems

    – Aqueducts
    – Potabilization
    – Waste water
    – Well waters

    – Agriculture
    – Parks and Gardens
    – Golf courses
    – Sport facilities

    – Pool systems

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